New House Cladding

We have many types and colours of cladding available to suite your particular property. Cladding can be used in all manner of ways and can cover up old tired looking areas improving the look of your property at a very reasonable cost.

We visit site and discus type and colour of cladding you require. We survey to see if new timbers are required to provide a base which the cladding can be fitted to. If required insulation can also be added between the timbers prior to the cladding being fitted.
First of all we secure timber battens to the area to be clad. Once this is complete we will then fit insulation if required. Then the cladding is fitted in the style you have chosen and edging trim is fitted to all exposed edges. Finally the cladding will be cleaned and sealed with LMA silicone.
Wood, uPVC and composite cladding is used, and this is available in various sizes. The most popular is uPVC as it is maintenance free and comes in a large range of colours and in general is the cheaper material to buy.
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